Spring Garden Chores That Should Be Started Now

As Spring rapidly approaches we are advising clients to get a jump-start on the growing season and scheduling before the Spring flood gates open and we get swamped. 

  • Inspection/ pruning of Winter damage in shrubs/trees before delicate new growth emerges
  • Prune Grasses and perennials so new growth emerges easily
  • Focus on planting areas that ‘don’t work’ and develop alternative solutions
  • Identify perennials/shrubs in need of division/transplanting
  • Prune Grasses and perennials so new growth emerges easily
  • Removal of residual leaves (pesky Oaks!) debris to insure air circulation around plant crowns
  • Removing/replacing stale mulch to encourage bulb and plant emergence
  • ‘Fluffing’ mulch to allow better air and water penetration to plant roots
  • Identification of wet areas to allow quick correction before planting
  • Inspection of downspouts/drain lines to insure clear flow
  • Resetting/replacing step-stones that have sunk into soil
  • Evaluate soil quality in containers/pots before Spring planting
  • Inspect wires and trellises

Last but not least, let’s meet to discuss your vision for the Garden and create a plan to achieve your goals for Spring and the future

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