Time for Fall Perennials, Peonies, and Spring Bulbs

The emergence of Spring Bulbs is one of the most delightful times in the garden. The season starts its show with the small bulbs; crocus, snowdrops, and hyacinths emerging before the ground thaws, followed by mini- daffodils which are always a great display of color and fragrance.  These bulbs are a great choice as an investment since they come back year after year, multiplying and self-seeding:  a great vision of a woodland glade, sweeping masses of delicate buds emerging from the snow and ice. 

Tulips in every color and variety reflect Nature’s endless creativity (and man’s ability to select the best forms for durability) extending the blooming season from the last frost well into June.  Many of the early species and some of the later varieties will naturalize and spread. 

If you would like a bulb catalog please contact me immediately, they sell out quickly especially the tulips so I am planning to get the order in as soon as possible. 

There is a great selection of Fall Perennials in stock this year.  This is a great time to plant, the cooler temperatures help plants establish more quickly and gives a head start for Spring. 

A great choice would be Peonies; called the “Queen of the Garden” they have been the mainstay of classic gardens for generations.

While Singles are not current hits, many Doubles are very popular and are the most common.  Among the ‘stars’ in the Double group are ‘Festiva Maxima’ (White with Rose fringe), ‘Karl Rosenfield’ (Cranberry Red),’ Mons. Jules Elie'( Deep Pink) and ‘Sarah Bernhardt'(Light Pink).  There are too many others to mention here and surely something for everyone. 

Peonies have an undeserved reputation for being “fussy”, while in fact that need little care to flourish. The truth is that proper site selection and proper planting make all the difference ( Yes, this is also true for most ‘garden variety’ plants, but Peonies reward basic care handsomely and don’t require dividing for years).  Once established, Peony foliage can be cut back to open up real estate for Summer and Late season flowering plants– double duty! 

Let us know if you want to plant some lovely Peonies, to start you can google to see the many varieties. Now is the time for planting!

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