Landscape Design

Garden Consultation​

Master plan development—long-term vision of site development to attain goals and maximize potential of site (wildlife habitat, theme planting, expanded plantings installed in stages, etc.)​ Evaluation of existing plantings and site assets (natural features, vistas, or other intrinsic elements) to determine best use and development.


Landscape Installation

Site Evaluation
Soil inspection and/or testing as needed—possibly the single most important step in any plan involving planting alteration or upgrading. Drainage and organic content can make all the difference between success and ultimate failure in landscape development.


  • “Right plant for the place”—careful selection avoids many pitfalls
  • Focus on highest quality material available—strong plants establish faster and better
  • Focus on spacing and compatibility when enhancing existing planting to ensure coherence in landscape as it matures
  • Introduction of new plants and development of new landscape features
  • Water Features
  • Design, install, plant and maintain ponds, waterfalls and fountain features


  • Design and install brick, flagstone, or paver walkways and/or patios; dry-stack stone and retaining walls
  • Carpentry
  • Arbors, trellises, pergolas and basic fence installation

Landscape and Maintenance

  • Organic approach to weed and pest/ disease management (IPM) including deer barriers and rabbit repellants
  • Proper selection and mindful application of mulches when and where needed
  • Properly-timed and appropriate pruning to maximize plant vigor and form
  • Recognize and manage invasive species and other inappropriate plants (weeding)
  • Careful removal of leaves and debris to maximize hygiene and minimize plant damage and general garden destruction
  • Organic lawn care using soil microbe balance, soil structure monitoring, organic supplements and avoiding synthetic fertilizers and chemical treatments
  • Set up and management of compost piles and bins to reduce landfill load and recycle organic materials to maintain and upgrade environmental quality of lawn and planting areas

Landscape and Garden Designers

As full service landscape and garden designers, we also do garden maintenance, shrub and plant installation, estate gardening, garden installation, and so much more. We provide all of our services in Chevy Chase, Bethesda, North Bethesda, Kenwood, Somerset, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and all other towns in the Metro Area.