It’s Time to Plan and Plant Summer Bulbs

The role of Summer Bulbs is to fill in open spaces after the Spring Show is done; they “kick it up a notch” by adding by adding color and texture over the warm months and also are good cut flowers. While some are frost-tender, a lot are totally hardy, especially with current climate trends. One of the great features of bulbs is that once they’re planted, no special care is required. 

Below is a partial list of the many Summer Bulbs. I have chosen these as examples since they are not attractive to deer. 

Agapanthus Dahlia Lilium 
Allium Dodecatheon Lycoris 
Amerine Fritillaria Mirabalis 
Bletilla Galtonia Muhlenbergia 
Caladium Gladiolus  Polianthes
Calla Lilly Gloriosa Tigridia
Camassia Hedychium Treteleia
Canna Hyacinthoides Tuberrose
Colocasia Ixiolirion Zantedeshia
Crinum Kniphofia Zephyranthes
Crocosmia Liatris 

If you have time and are inclined these can be perused online; or contact me and we can discuss what would work best in your garden and be aesthetically appealing to you.

Let’s all get outside and Enjoy the Spring!

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