Finally it’s FALL!

After the longest Heat Spell on record as well as the longest Rain Spell this Summer we can finally look forward to cooler, settled weather (barring Hurricanes!).

Now is the time to take advantage of the moist soil to get out late-season weeds and vines, preventing seedlings from overwhelming perennials and shrubs. Pruning and thinning of trees can still be done or can be postponed until leaves are down and plants are dormant. Once the beds are cleaned, late fertilizing may commence ahead of mulching– which holds the soil in place and protects crowns from temperature fluctuations, especially for newly installed plants. 

For those of us who still have lawns (we’ve installed several Clover Lawns this year– White Clover grows to about 4 inches and works well in light shade while Red Dwarf Clover only gets to 2 inches in Full Sun); perfect for a Fairy Garden. And NO MOWING!

It is also time for standard lawn care (feeding– we stick to Compro– over-seeding and aerating) and it is a great time to schedule it  thanks to abundant rainfall and soft soil.

Growers are in full gear supplying fresh Fall color (Pansies, Asters and of course, Mums) and many new varieties of perennials and woody plants for immediate planting. One big advantage of Fall planting is plants get to send out roots before Winter’s chill.

Please contact us so we can work with you on a clean-up or creating a new feature or updated planning scheme.

Embrace the Season, now that it’s worth getting outside again. 

Speaking of getting back outside, we’re working with a company who came up with a ‘better mouse trap’ for MOSQUITOES! I have been very frustrated with the Mosquito Repellent  Companies who have been using sprays that kill everything, including bees. We have found an organic spray that doesn’t kill everything but does eliminate mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and ants. It works best in medium to dense vegetation and sticks better than other products; natural and safe for kids, pets and fish and the bees! We can apply this product before a special event or on a monthly basis. 

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