It’s time to Celebrate Spring!

Now that the weather has finally settled down, it’s time to celebrate Spring! 

All those people who said we had a mild winter must have spent all their time indoors–March was colder than February (usually our harshest month), which caused a lot of plants to start budding and flowering ahead of ‘schedule.’ Consequently, Magnolias and some other flowering trees lost most of their flowers; a disappointment that is not much of a problem for home gardeners, but is a serious concern for commercial growers. 

When we did have an early spell of tropical weather, some of our buzzing buddies emerged, looking for nectar and finding what little there was snatched away by wind and frost. 

This situation brings a couple different notions into focus. First, providing shelter for pollinators to overwinter in grasses and garden plants (by resisting the compulsion of sanitation to strip the garden bare) helps our little winged friends to survive temperature fluctuations. Second, that early flowering ‘weeds’ can provide an essential food supply until the bounty of Spring flowers emerge. So when we see the first sprigs of green and dainty flowers on Mustard and Henbit, consider avoiding weed spray and let the bees feed on their nectar and butterfly caterpillars feed on their greens. 

Plant breeders are focusing on new varieties to provide support for our beneficial insects and butterflies so we can have eco-support as well as for extended seasons of color.  All this helps us remember our garden spaces are meant to be shared with creatures great and small. 

Let’s all get outside and create beautiful spaces that invite the birds and bees.

Now is the time to assess your garden and, where needed, replace failed plants. While we’re there, ask us and we’ll be happy to teach you ways to minimize or avoid winter damage next year.

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